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If you have always dreamed of hunting safari in Iran, Nature Explorer can make that hunting dream come true. Hunting in Iran may pose numerous questions, but Nature Explorer safaris through this web site will provide you with all of the information you need to make those hunting dreams a reality. You will soon discover that with our very reasonable hunting rates and first class safari accommodations your Iran hunting safari is closer than you think. Give us a call today and let's start planning your hunting safari to Iran!

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Welcome to NATURE EXPLORER, Iran's most leading hunting company. We know Iran Game Department best. Our Managing Director Mr. Najmeddin is a veteran of 32 years with the Iran Game Department. In his 32 years he headed many different departments. Today there is no one more knowledgeable in Iran environmental, hunting knowledge of games and reserve in Iran than our Manager Director Mr. Najmeddin. He has personally handpicked every person in our operating crew. We accompany each hunter with a personal guide. These guides are among the best there are and also scout reserves off season. We also have an English translator and assistant guide for each hunter.

Iran Sheep hunting

Iran is vast country and we can offer big game hunt for the following species especially for seven different kinds of sheep that means it is a heaven for the sheep hunters: Trans-Caspian Urial, Red Sheep, Armenian Sheep, Esfehan Sheep, Kerman Sheep, Shiraz Sheep, Larestan Sheep.
Persian Desert Ibex, Bezoar Ibex
Goittered Gazelle, Jabeer Gazelle
Wild Boar
Other games such as Meral, Brown bear, Wolf and Asiatic leopard are available upon request if Game Department issue permits.
Ibex and Wild Boar can be found almost in all mountains of Iran therefore, combination hunt with sheep is possible.

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