Photography of wildlife is very complicated at the same time very interesting because you should consider lots of things together for best result: first of all need to know how approach to animal as close as possible and it needs knowledge about animal and its habitat, our guides are expert to find animal and approach, so all you need is a good knowledge about photography.
For instance Colonel Yousefee -one of our guides- takes the first photo of Asiatic Cheetah and proves the existence of this spices couple years ago.
These kinds of tours are very flexible and can be arranged by your demands; you can enjoy Wildlife or National Park Photography and the other day go for sightseeing and taking photos of monumental places or touring cities.

Sheep hunting safari photos :

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Photography of Iran wild animals could be very excitable. one of our programs for Iran safari hunters is photography of wild animals. Nature explorer has many experience in Iran hunting, safari and outfitter. wildlife photography would be very exited. photo gallery of tours and hunted animals would very intresting.

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