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Welcome to NATURE EXPLORER , Iran's most leading hunting company. We know Iran Game Department best. Our Managing Director Mr. Najmeddin is a veteran of 32 years with the Iran Game Department. In his 32 years he headed many different departments. Today there is no one more knowledgeable in Iran environmental, hunting knowledge of games and reserve in Iran than our Manager Director Mr.Najmeddin. He has personally handpicked every person in our operating crew. We accompany each hunter with a personal guide. These guides are among the best there are and also scout reserves off season. We also have an English translator and assistant guide for each hunter. We have catered to many famous hunters such as Rick Taylor of Canada and Fernando Saiz of Spain (references available upon request) because of Mr. Najmeddin's knowledge of Iranian Reserves we book the best trophy area of our client. There is no designated area to any company in Iran.
Iran safari, sheep hunting
Iran is a cognate of Aryan or "Land of Aryans" also Land of Kindness is used as an alternative name for Iran in older literature. Iran is home to one of the oldest major civilizations with historical and urban settlements dating as far back as 4000 B.C. with the oldest written history in the world. Iran was attacked by Arabs, Greeks and Mongols...during its long history although periodically was ruled under foreign rule for hundred years but never gave up its culture, and yet freely adopted all they found useful, hence the first sentence of prominent historian of Iranian culture Richard Nelson Frye's latest book on Iran reads:
" Iran's glory has always been its culture."

sheep hunting safari: Nature explorer

Iran sightseeing , sheep hunting, SCI: safari club international

Iran safari and nature explorer: Iran sheep hunting safari and tourism. hunting wild boar animals, ibex, red sheep and birds with Nature explorer group.We organize your sheep hunting safari We provide all your needs for traveling to Iran: food and drink, Visa and hotel and other equipment. safari tour and travel iran camp, safari, shikar, visa.

Iran hunting safari

Iran hunting outfitter is a division of Nature explorer safaris, Adventure Department and one of the leading specialized outfitter.
Iranian hunting outfitter has become unbeatable due to having strongest team of expertise. All of our staff including hunter guides,taxidermist, Eco tour leaders and support team are professional. We support two kinds of safaris: mountain hunting safari and desert trekking. The most favorites places for hunting are:
Heydari Wildlife Reserve,
Khosh-Yeylagh Wildlife reserve,
Hormod Wildlife Reserve,
Angoran Wild life Reserve,
Marakan Wildlife reserve,
Salook Protected Area,
Sarigol Protected Area and Tandoreh National Park, that are in nature explorer expedition.

Nature Explorer adventure safari tours, outdoor, outfitter, trophy hunt and big slam, wild pig hunting, wild boar hunting, ibex and wild boar, birds and duck hunting. Hunting safari in Iran: sheep, gazelle, wild boar, birds.

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