Hunting conditions
The season usually runs from October to March for big game hunt.
there is no restriction on date for Wild Boar hunting.
It is dry and can be cold and windy but as much as you go south the weather is warmer. Hunters should be prepared with good windbreakers and layered underclothing in case they are pinned down and must spend hours waiting on trophies.
  1. October: +15°C daytime, 0-5°C at night.
  2. February: -5°C daytime, -20°C at night.
Our guides with decades of experiences in hunting have a good knowledge about animals and reserves. They spend lots of time all year round in nature, they like their job and do it at the best level and that is why they are always successful. The crew will consist of a Personal Guide, Assistant Guide, Cook, Personal Driver, Translator and a dependable 4 wheel drive car.
Shooting range:
In most of cases the range for shooting is something between 150m-250m. But sometimes it happens to approach closer and rarely happens to decide for long range shooting in some occasional conditions for instance for very nice rams but it is totally up to the hunter and he would decide to shoot or not.
Care of trophy:
We are most serious about trophy care after all this is the most important part of each hunt, therefore our trained staff will field dress and salt your trophy immediately after the hunt and send to the Taxidermy for final care.
Most of the hunting and spotting is done from 4x4 vehicle but for long distance trip you will fly to the big city closet to the reserve then drive to the reserve.
There is signal for cell phone in most of reserve.

Ibex sheep bird wild boar hunting

The best sheep hunting in the world is now available, Iran hunting wildest animals such as wild boar animals, ibex and sheep. If you interested of big game hunting, bird shooting or wildlife photography , you can try the best with Nature explorer. Iran Safari has at its disposal hunting rights in some of the best reserves in Iran, increasing the possibilities for excellent trophies. The most competent and reliable professional hunters with decades of experience will insure that your safari is successful.

Nature explorer provide tourists the best condition. We provide all your needs for traveling to Iran and enjoying of Iran safari.

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wild boar, Sheep : Nature explorer package includes fishing trip (vacation), bird watching and bird shooting, Ibex, wild boar, sheep hunting. We have professional team for all kinds of safari: desert trekking and mountain hunting. Some of popular places are: Hormod Wildlife Reserve, Marakan Wildlife resereve, Angoran Wild life Resserve.

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