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The last few years every time I go to Iran visiting family and friends I try to squeeze in a couple of days sheep hunting. After all Iran is known as the sheep hunter's heavens of all times. Having hunted there and being a native son I had no problem knowing who would give me the best hunt, service and price. I went directly to my old friend Mr. Najmedin, now retired for thirty years from being the Director of Iran Game Department, who for the last few years has formed his own hunting service by the name of Nature Explorer Safari. I seriously consider the last few years of my hunting among the best I have ever had anywhere. He does a wonderful job taking care of clients from arrival to departure. Being an ex-department staff, he knows everyone, as well as, the best reserves available. There are not many people as knowledgeable as Mr. Najmedin in the Iran hunting industry.
Soudy  Golabchi , 2011, USA
I hunted with Nature Explorer Co. and had a good hunt. Soudy and Brian Hauck have hunted with them and Nano just return from hunting with Nature Explorer. They have good areas and great guides. I had a very good hunt. The meet and greet, guide, equipment, food and water were all first rate. I am going back with the same outfitter and guide for several sheep. The outfitter is Nature Explorer and they are honest and professional.
Rex Baker, 2010, USA
My hunting trip in Iran went very well I was able to harvest the animals a went for, the country is very beautiful. The organization went very smooth. The game in the areas I hunted were abundant and the quality high I will for sure be back for more sheep species.
Fernando Saiz, 2007, Spain
Thanks to Soudy Golabchi winner of the 2010 Carlo Caldesi Award who kindly invited me for a hunt in Iran, I had the opportunity to get in touch with Iman Najmadin an his organization Nature Explorer. We hunted for Armenian Mouflon in a very unique environment: Kobut Island on the Uroumieh salted lake. Despite the difficulties of having to reach the isle by boat all the organization worked very well. We had a very pleasant hunt not too hard with abundant game. Excellently guided by Nabate I bagged a fair old ram. I feel like recommending Nature Explorer as a good and serious outfitting also giving interesting condition.
Lodvick Caldesi, 2010, Italy
During the two hunts I have enjoyed in the Islamic Republic of Iran, not once did I feel threatened or worried about my safety. In fact, just the opposite, I would prefer to hunt in Iran than in just about any other Asian country. In my experience, Iran is one of the last great undiscovered hunting destinations left in this world. The outfitter, Iman Najmeddin is absolutely 100% professional and capable. His guides are top notch, excellent at trophy judging and the hunting is the best I've found in Asia. I have already planned a third trip to this amazing, culturally diverse country.
Jim Shockey, 2010, Canada
"Another great hunt, everything was organized to perfection. The game was very abundant and with good quality, the hunting grounds are well managed. I had a fantastic time and I m already planning my next trip for the last two sheep" -2010
Fernando Saiz, 2010, Spain
Lets start by I have been to Iran twice with no problems. The people, culture, the food are great. We should have some of the same laws in our country and we would be better. I can’t wait until November to come back hunting new areas and see more history. As for nature explore they are not only a hunting agency they have become my close friends. I wish all outfitters would take the time and care with there clients. I have hunted all over the world and this is one of the best places. The only down fall I saw was the trash around the small towns. They need education of the future but its tough plastic is ruining the world. Like I said cant wait to come back hunting and get some more dizzy and candy thanks to all at the game department on doing a good job with your wildlife. It amazing to think that hunting and wildlife might actually bring two countries together.
Jason Bruce, 2011, USA
The hunt I had with Eduardo will always be one of the best experiences of my hunting life. Thanks to you, your father and your company.
Dr. Brian  Hauck, 2004, Canada
Huntinginiran has been a nice experience. Since the moment that arrived there until I left, I felt as if I were at home. Iran has a great variety of wildlife and many animals and different species can be hunted in several areas all around the country. Camps are comfortable, communications are good and fast, and guides and professional hunters have a good knowledge about the mountains and the animals that live there. Thanks for everything Mr. Najmeddine, I hope to hunt with your organization soon!
Fernando  Valdenebro, 2007, Spain
I contacted my good friend Mohammed Najmeddin with Nature Explorer Tours in Iran to inquire about the availability of permits for certain hunting areas in that country. Mr. Najmeddin is a retired official with the Iranian game department and is well versed in the various areas to hunt in his country, in addition to being a fine gentleman…. Not only did I take three great trophies, but even more fulfilling was being able to spend two weeks in this country seeing historical Persian ruins, marvelous scenery and experience the customs and friendship of these most hospitable people. Many of us have read stories written by Jack O’Connor and others, about the unbelievable hunting in Iran more than thirty years ago. I can’t imagine anything better than my recent experiences in this country. Hopefully this article will quell reservations that some may have about traveling to this part of the world. My thanks to my hosts in Iran for all that they did to make my trip most memorable. Will I return? Of course, there are still a couple of species of sheep I haven’t hunted and some areas of this exciting country that I haven’t seen.
Jeff Martin, 2007, USA
Iran is the new place on the map, unspoiled hunting areas. This is a must see country, as the culture, countryside, and wildlife are first rate. I had the opportunity to hunt there this past season, for almost a month, and not only had a great hunt, but met some wonderful people. Iman and his father have the Connections to assure you of a great trip, and worry free. We had no hassle with guns, immigration, or anything else. We had 100% success on our hunt and harvested some great trophies. With my experience in the outfitting business for almost 40 years, I can say Iman and his crew are the leaders in the business in Iran.
Rick Guinn, 2010, Canada
I would like to thank you for your special care with Jesus during his hunt with you. Also congratulate to you and your team of guides. Jesus is very happy with the hunting success.
Jesus Caballero, 2011, Spain
On January 2007 I hunted in Iran with World Nature Explorer Outfitters with management of Mr. Mohammad Najmeddin for Urial and Red Sheep. I’m a mountain hunter holding North American Grand Slam, World Ovis Slam, and World Capra Slam; that means I dealt with number of outfitters and guides. But I never had as good experience as of hunting with World Nature Explorer; they did every thing for me (from visiting me at the airport, helping me to go through immigration and customs, handling rifle and permit, providing hunting license and tags in great hunting reserves, preparing trophies, using the best guides and equipments, sightseeing, tours, shopping, and all the way to the immigration’s exit gate at the airport) to have the most memorable and unforgettable hunting trip that I ever had. I would rate all their services as Excellent in all the aspects and I highly recommend World Nature Explorer Outfitters to all serious hunters. I’m already planning for another trip.
Armen  Avedissian, 2007, USA
I hope you and your families are doing fine. We remember our hunting trip very much and once more I have to say that we really appreciate what you have done for us.
Mrs. and Mr. Rosendorf , 2007, Czeck Republic

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Sheep Species in Iran: Trans-Caspian Urial Sheep, Urial Sheep, Red Sheep, Alborz Sheep, Armenian Sheep, Esfahan Sheep, Kerman Sheep, Shiraz Sheep, Laristan Sheep, Bezoar Ibex, Persian Desert Ibex, Wild Boar, Ibex.

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