Accommodations for most of the hunts will be in government lodges in the hunting reserve or local hotel near reserve which is included in the hunt. These places are very simple lodge with heater and hot water shower in most case with bed and blanket. Most of them are provided with 220V electricity for the convenience of those who want to make use of modern day communication technology when needed. There is signal for cell phone in most of reserves. After finalizing itinerary we will let you know about the exact condition of lodges.

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sheep hunting accommodation and hunting equipment

We provide hunters with necessary equipment for Iran hunting safaris. Nature explorer has hunting accommodation for both of desert trekking and mountain hunting. The special and professional hunting expedition for sheep hunting in Iran, big horn sheep hunting, desert big horn sheep hunting, fish and bird hunting.

Three species of mountain sheep are found , red wild sheep, Dall sheep, and the Stone sheep. Bighorn are further classified into three subspecies like the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep, Sierra Nevada Bighorn sheep, and the Desert Bighorn sheep. The Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep are almost twice the size of the Desert Bighorn sheep. A full-grown Rocky Mountain Bighorn ram weighs around 300 pounds while the Desert Bighorn ram weighs 150 pounds. The Sierra Nevada Bighorn ram (also called as the California Bighorn) is an intermediate between the two types.

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